Monday, June 9, 2008

5 Bad Habits to Shake, When You Want to Improve Your English Pronunciation

1. Mumbling: People will mumble when they are unsure either about the word they are using or how to pronounce the word. So they say it too quietly or quickly or without moving their mouth a lot. This contributes to your listener's challenge in hearing and understanding what you are saying. In the the end the strategy does not work because you will either be dismissed, misunderstood or forced to say it again.

2.Not Pausing: This is sometimes a nervous habit, like mumbling or a language flow difference. In either case, incorporating pauses into your verbal communication will increase others ability to understand you dramatically.

3.Not engaging native English speakers in conversation: Okay it is intimidating, however it is necessary. Ask for information, especially when you don't need it! This will take the nervousness out of your listening. For example you know where your bank is, but ask someone anyway. You know where the towels are located in the store but ask a sales assistant for additional practice

4. Not Reading!! Read anything you can in English. It is the best way to build vocabulary and strengthen you grammar skills. Reading aloud gets you the bonus of working on pronunciation.

5. Not Watching movies in English: Your tired and you want to relax. Try using the subtitles while listening to the movie in English. You will be exposed to the rhythm and flow of American English.

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