Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Bad Words

Looking around the internet for some marketing insight I came across this great article  by Ivana Taylor, a marketing expert.  I felt that it wasn't just great for me, but also for my accent reduction clients.  As ESL speakers there is a tendency to stick with tried and true vocabulary words, the "safe bet".  It maybe time to take a look at some of these habitual phrases and words to consider their impact on your image, mindset and meaning.

Do you recognize certain catch phrases or words popping up in your speech often?  Do you say "awesome" automatically for any good news?  How about "excellent".  Could you shake it up a bit?  This can be especially necessary if you find yourself using trendy slang words like "dude", "bummer", "what the"  These phrases can definitely downgrade your image in the workplace.

Perhaps you need to consider the words that Ivana brings to light, such as "try", "should", "want to".  You will set up that meeting or make that call, you won't "try to".  It sets up a wishy washy image and sends your own subconscious the message  that it has wiggle room to get out of it. You will do what you say, you will not merely "try to" .

What are your 5 bad words?

Lynn Founder of Accent Master

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