Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Accent Master Software

Here it is the only software available that is interactive and focuses on only the sounds that your need to work on.  How does Accent Master do this?  For each language there is a sound patterns.    Some sounds in English are simply not in your first language.  These will be your challenging sounds.  These are the sounds you will need to focus on.  Each software program which are a very affordable  at 89.00 for a download, was developed for each language.  We currently have 21 language backgrounds to choose from.

Accent Master was one of the first companies to offer accent reduction training and the first to offer long distance training via WebEx and customized software.  We are found in universities across the country and have trained many trainers to work both privately and within companies. Our expertise and experience, along with our understanding of technology's role in professional development , make Accent Master the one all other companies compare themselves to.  There is really no reason to look for other solutions for your communication needs when our classes are taught by the highest qualified faculty and we are the only one that uses software in our courses, especially  when our prices are competitive and our delivery is considered the industry standard to be met.

So if you are tired of piecing together a solution to your communication goals Accent Master software and classes are the unquestionable way to go.

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Lynn Founder of Accent Master

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